Antonia Peña | About

Antonia Peña has been a professional photographer since 2002, having built her business in Madrid (Spain), and is now established in London as a prominent fashion and E-Commerce freelance photographer since 2010.

At present Antonia teaches Photography at Spanish Institute Vicente Cañada Blanch in Notting Hill, London.

Antonia is an internationally published photographer. Her costumer base includes clients such as Amanda Wakeley Couture Fashion Designer, Charbonell et Walker London, Ellis Bridal, Kelsey Rose Bridal, Creature Jewellery by Lucy Watson, Beulah Luxury Fashion brand, PaperLace Fashion Brand, Iria de Ana Luxury Bag Designer, Lyell & Townsend Bespoke Designer, Pocket London Fashion brand, Vanessa Kandiyoti Jewellery, Royal National Ballet, Bank of Santander, National Spanish Museum El Prado, 1 Chancery Lane Baristers, Colman Coyle Solicitors, Tanfield & Chambers Barristers, Hamlins Commercial Law Firm, Philip Ross, Hoss Intropia, Michell Roux, Arzak, BMW, Miele, Pepsico, Gourmio, Royal Spanish Cannery, Ramón Peña Canned and shooting for internationally renowned magazines such as Harrods Mag, I-D-S Duty Free UK & Dubai Mag, Playboy, Scorpion Jin Magazin, Surreal Magazine Maxim, Feroce Mag, Spain Gourmetour, Ronda Iberia, Gourmet, Sobremesa, 40 and GX.

Her passion for gastronomy led her to contact big companies, prestigious chefs and the best food magazines in Spain starting to make shoots for them and due to her success in food photography, she became one of the main recognized photographers in Spain. After 7 years in London and her strong food photography and experience she is one of the best in the ranking of food photography.

With an edge and immediacy to her work, Antonia’s images evoke emotion and sensual tension. These qualities, together with her firm belief that strong photography needs to have a sense of movement, are unmistakable in her style.

Antonia started her artistic career by doing self-portraits and becoming an artist of Dolores de Sierra Gallery in Madrid, holding exhibitions worldwide and Spain main cities. Antonia is a member artist of in London.


· Symbiosis of Liquid Dreams (Collaboration),October 2014 Resistence Gallery- London UK

· Around Me (Collaboration), September 2013, EFTI Art Gallery, Madrid – Spain

· Leave me Alone III, 2009, Fernando Magdalena Art Gallery, Vigo - Spain

· Symbiosis of Liquid Dreams (Collaboration), 2009, "Re-Género" exhibition, Cultural Center of Spain, Lima - Peru

· Symbiosis of Liquid Dreams (Solo), January 2008, DEARTE Art Fair, Madrid - Spain (Young Artist Prize Winner)

· Leave Me Alone (Solo), December-January 2006, Dolores de Sierra Art Gallery, Madrid - Spain

· Leave Me Alone II (Solo), August 2006, Irinamaldonado Art Gallery, Toledo - Spain

· Leave Me Alone II (Solo), April 2006, Espacio de Arte Art Gallery, Olías del Rey - Spain

· Leave Me Alone, 2005, TIAF, Toronto - Canada

· Cuerpo Poético II (Collaboration), December 2004, Acer-Arte Art Gallery, Oviedo - Spain

· Cuerpo Poético (Collaboration), May-July 2003, PhotoEspaña 2003, Madrid - Spain
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